Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Birthday surprise!

I can't believe my boy is already 7!


That is such a big number!!!!

We wanted to make this day especially special -
since he has had a very long month!
and still has long months a head of him!

The planned activity was a hit!!
For everyone!!!

Polar Express in real life!

Ohhhh the joy on that face!!!

I melt for this boy!

And real Polar Express tickets!!

Hagan didn't want to give his up!

It even snowed when we got off the train at the North Pole

Fa! La! La!

They were able to write letters to Santa too!

Sooooo much fun!
None of us had done this before and we all had a great time!

The crowd was hungry afterwards, 
so, Mom's plan of going home for hamburgers was not going to fly -
so we took the crew out to eat! 

And Hagan got a special song and treat!

That he gladly shared,

though he did make sure he got the last bite!

and then home for cake and presents!

Hagan has an incredibly full day! 
I asked him that night, "Who loves you?"
and he went through the entire family and friends who were with him
on this special day!

I love that my boy knows that he is an amazing person,
and deeply loved by sooooo many!!!! 

Happy Birthday Buddy!

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