Thursday, October 9, 2014

Never giving up!!!

We will never give up on our boy! 

Patiently taking the time to get this through 
his head, heart and soul! 

But look!!!!
Since the school is taking the TBRI approach
with him... 
Good reports!! 

Texts and emails from his teacher like this - just make me cry!!

E earned a gold ticket for positive character traits!

E hugged a friend and said he would share with him!

E hugged his teacher!

He is having another great day.  And if he finishes the day earning his goal or higher, then tomorrow during recess he has chosen to join his gen. ed. Class for outside recess.  He has been working hard for this since we decided on it last Friday.  I'm very proud of how he's doing, not only behaviorally, but also academically.

He is setting goals now and wants to be successful!
He desires to have friends and to BE a friend.

Way to go Elijah!!
He met his goal yesterday and gets to go to recess with General Ed!!
I'm so proud of my boy!!
I've never met a harder worker!

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hollysue said...

That is certainly worth celebrating!!! How exciting to see those changes.


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