Monday, October 6, 2014

my little hero!!!

My boy is sooo strong 
sooo amazing!!! 

He has taught me sooo many lessons,
and yesterday 
he brought me to tears!!

Yesterday was Bike Rodeo day at school!
All the kids were excited!! 

When we got to the school and Hagan saw all the other 
kids and their bikes,
he started crying.
(Hagan doesn't cry, unless there is something really upsetting him.)

His bike is different then everyone else's.
He was afraid that he had a baby bike.

After about an hour of tears,
he was able to go to class,
be loved on by his teacher,
(who is absolutely wonderful!)

I went home and couldn't focus on anything else - 
because my heart hurt so badly for him,
and I was so fearful that he would think I abandoned him.

I went to the school when it was his classes turn for the Bike Rodeo,
and hid from him.
I wanted to see if he would participate or not,
we totally told him that he didn't have to do it if he didn't want too. 

Out of the school he came with all of his friends,
with his helmet on!!! 

My eyes started tearing up!! 
Soooo proud of my boy!!! 

He got to his bike,
 a volunteer got him all set,
and off he went!!!

I was soooo proud of him!!! 

When he came home, 
he was so excited to tell me how he got to play 
and it was so much fun!!

I'm so proud of my boy!!
Fear keeps us from so many things! 
If we don't try, we may regret it!

Be like Hagan and don't let fear hold you back!

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Anonymous said...

I just want to tell you that I love reading your blog. The love, respect, and admiration that you have for your children is beautiful. The positivity that you display is inspirational. You have a beautiful family and I look forward to cheering you on in your next adventures.


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