Monday, October 13, 2014

special time

We were blessed to have our amazing social worker 
join us at our local adoption meeting...
she asked me a question that really hit home,
(she is always good at this!)

She asked me if it's easier for me to make sure
I give special one on one time with my kids 
who have attachment issues,
and am I spending time with the "easy" ones.

I thought I was! 

But, when I really think of it -
we are often in crisis mode 
with some of our kids
and this takes time away from the "easy" kids.

I am so thankful that this question was asked of me,
and remind me to take the time every day...
even with the "easy" kids!!

Even if it is homework time,

or doing my daily chores!

Donovan loves to cook!
I do not like to cook! 
I love the help! 
and really he'll be teaching me soon!

See what I mean,
we are always learning and I am always apologizing to my kids!
Thankfully they are very forgiving!

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