Thursday, October 2, 2014

a letter to parents

So, I wanted to send out a letter to our grade level parents
at the beginning of the school year,
in order to put questions at rest about Hagan.

We were denied the request,
but were told that we could put it on FB and my blog.
Soooo, since it is Dwarfism Awareness -
this is what I will do! 

We are hoping that this information will put to rest 
any rumors or talking behind his back,
but encourage education and discussion. 
Kids are naturally curious - which is awesome,
adults, on the other hand, can be rude and insensitive!

Have I ever told y'all how much I love this kiddo!!! 

and can't wait to get his little brother home too!!
I can't really go into that right now, 
but if you want information on Miles' situation,
please feel free to contact me privately. 

Hi Parents of Kindergarteners,

We wanted to introduce our son and ourselves to you.  We are Bryan and Jodi Anderson, daddy and momma to 9 amazing kiddos.  We have 3 biological kiddos and 6 precious kiddos adopted internationally.  Our son Hagan is in kindergarten this year.  We are writing this to you because out of natural curiosity, we are sure many of your children will be interested in Hagan. 

Hagan was born in China and has been home with us for 1 ½ years.   Hagan is a crazy kiddo, loves to laugh, play, and learn just like any other kindergartener.   Though Hagan loves to do everything that every other 6 year old likes to do, he just does things much slower.

Hagan was born with Achondroplasia Dwarfism.  He is a “Little Person”.  In our home we prefer the terms “little person”, “short stature” or “dwarf” but the term “midget” or “baby” is derogatory and unappreciated.   We also use “average height” as opposed to “normal height” for people without dwarfism.

Achondroplasia Dwarfism is one of 200 distinct types of dwarfism, and the most common form of dwarfism.  Most people with Achondroplasia Dwarfism are very healthy.  Hagan’s body is very special and very complex.  In the short time he has been home he has had numerous doctor appointments, sleep studies and surgeries and will be having more surgeries this school year.

Hagan does not like to be picked up like a baby, does not want to sit in someone’s lap, does not want to be carried by anyone but Mom and Dad.  He is everything every other 6 year old boy is.

Hagan does fall often while walking.  But very rarely hurts himself.  He usually pops right back up.   He does walk slower then others because of his short legs and because of the medical issues that he has in his back.  Hagan is so excited to begin school and can’t wait to meet your kids and have more friends. 

We wanted to write y’all this letter so that you can help your child understand that Hagan is a normal 6 year old boy, just shorter then most 6 year olds.  We hope that this letter will help discourage any teasing that may occur.  We are looking forward to a great kindergarten year at Minshew Elementary.   If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Truly Blessed,
Bryan and Jodi 


sasass said...

That is sad that they wouldn't let you sent that home. I went to school with a dwarf and I specifically remember in first grade her mother came in to talk to each class about her daughter and taught us about dwarfism. I don't think any of us ever had questions about her after that because her mom was able to tell us everything before we had the questions!

Sherri said...

I agree with Sasass...too bad they wouldn't let you talk about it in class to both parent and child. It's an educational experience. And once they learn about it, they would have a better understanding. I sure hope that beautiful boy of yours doesn't get teased and makes tons of tons of friends. Because I have fallen in love with him from the time you left for China to bring him home. And I love following your blog, as I read it at every single update. I like your letter Jodi, good job and let Hagan know i'm a fan of his. I hope to meet as many of my friends in the Adoption community and your family would be ones I would want to meet. God Bless you and Brian for what you do. I just wish I could adopt again, but that's out of the question.


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