Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Restored hope

The last few days have been hard!
I mean really hard!

Losing hope that my boy will ever make sense of his pain. 

Losing hope that Satan will ever let go of my boy!

Losing hope that my boy will ever know true peace. 

Losing hope that our community will ever work with us as a team
To help us do all we can do!  

Today, I was able to meet with our school district specialists.
I, of course, was nervous that they would shoot down
The strategies that we use at home. 
But thanks to your prayers - 
We are working together for the sake of Elijah!

They understand now why I had to pull him out of public school 
Last year, rather than transferring him to the special ed class
That he is in now. 

They loved the strategies that we have in place, 
And want to use our strategies and our vocabulary!!
They accepted the newest DVD from Dr Karyn Purvis, 
And wanted to learn more about her research! 

We still have a long way to go with my boy,
But working as a team is sooooo important!! 

#1 change in Elijah's schedule is more food.
Which is often his trigger for an episode. 
So, even though he gets a protein filled breakfast at home,
His teacher will also give him some food when he arrives at school. 
Praying this helps his anxiety of not having food,
And building trust with his teacher.

We know that we have a long way to go
And a lot if decisions to be made,
But we also know that 
God has us just where we need to be - 
On our knees before Him, 
As He loves our boy more than we ever will.

Prayers are always welcome as we continue to help 
our son heal.

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Tammy said...

SO thrilled to hear this!! Praise God! Still praying for him and your family... love you, T


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