Monday, September 15, 2014


I find it almost unbelievable that my Elijah turned 7 yesterday!

My little guy who
didn't understand until Saturday
that his birthday was on Sunday.

My little guy who struggles to believe 
that anyone would care enough about him 
to take an entire day to celebrate him.

My little guy who fights for power, 
was able to surrender his fears and anger
for the day,
and allow us to love on him,
and he loved on us.

My little guy who everyday struggles 
with grief and such horrible loss,
that rarely,
do any of us know what to do for him.

My little guy who when he lets down his guard,
gives the biggest, most affectionate hugs!
My little guy who let's out the biggest belly laughs!
And embraces life with joy 
like I have never seen.

My boy who has taught me how to rethink my 
parenting strategies. 
Who has a place so deep in my heart that I hurt
With the pain that haunts him.

My little boy who has changed my life in so many ways,
turned seven years old.
My little boy, who for the first time since being home 
for 3 years
cried out of deep, intense fear, but didn't run away- 
Instead ran to my arms as his safe place. 

My little boy,
who is daily trying to trust mom and dad,
and who one day will understand the love of family. 
Through the healing hand of Jesus Christ
Elijah will understand what an amazing,
incredible boy he is
and how incredibly loved he truly is,
by his family and by our God and Savior. 

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