Friday, September 19, 2014

It's not her, it's me...

This little missy has taught me ooohhh sooo much!! 
And the number one lesson is -
it's not her, it's me!!

I mean the problem is not her,
it's me!
and how I react,
how I correct, 
how I respond to her!

Jorja will be the first to tell you that her and momma 
had a rough start,
and a rough few years... 
but wow!! 
(we actually laugh about it now!
and that is wonderful medicine!)

What a change this girly has made!
Because momma has changed!!

Of course it's a team effort,
but the day that I never thought I would see - 
is here!! 

We are even having adult friends tell us how Jorja has matured.

We are so proud of her,
learning how to trust,
how to grow,
learning to speak up for herself appropriately,
and take correction as a learning process
how to work on healing together!

It's been loooong!
For her and me! 
But we will never quit on each other!

She is growing into a beautiful young lady
who is learning to understand with her heart and her mind
that family is here for the long haul!
No matter what!
We don't judge - we work through.
We don't need to be perfect - but we need to be honest.

She is finding herself.
Working on not needing to please everyone else,
but learning what makes Jorja happy, appropriately. 

 I can't tell y'all what Dr. Pruvis' bubble gum exercise 
has done to build trust between Jorja and I!!!
She began to trust that I would say "yes" 
and I learned
that I can say "yes".
A lesson I needed to learn!!! 

1 comment:

Jodi said...

Diane, we said "yes" to double bubble for an entire weekend. The funny thing is- Jorja doesn't really like chewing this gum, she likes sour patch kids, so I decided to use that gum for her. All the kids knew that the "game" was only for the weekend- rules were - try have to ask mom or dad, and game is over if there is gum found anywhere but the trash can. :)


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