Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to school

How is it that 3 weeks ago 
the kids were crying because they weren't ready
to go back to school,
and momma was soooooo ready for 
them to go to school,
and then 

Hagan's off to kindergarten!

on the first day of school...

Elijah is off to 1st grade

the kids are ready, 

Jailyn is in 3rd grade!

and momma is crying her eyes out!

Goof ball Donovan is off to 3rd grade too!

How they have grown!! 

Jorja is in 4th grade!

I'm so proud of each and everyone of them!!

Conner is a sophomore!

And Kenzie even sent mom a first day of school pic!
She's such a good girl!

Freshman year of college!

Griggs goes to pre-school next week.
I get to hold on to him a little longer!

and Brady starts today...
but I will get a photo of him too! 

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