Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Why is your hair wet?

I shared this conversation with Elijah on Facebook 
the other day - 
but thought I would share here too -
as the conversation meant more to me than 
just the funny comment. 

At bedtime,
Elijah usually gets ready for story time before anyone else -
and this night was no different,
when I went to give him a cuddle I noticed his hair was wet.

So, I had to ask...

"Elijah, why is your hair wet?"

with his frightened stuttering he answered,

"I need water, I want to grow."

I just had to laugh!

and cry a little too...

you see a few short months ago,
if Elijah had been asked the same question
and feared that he would be in trouble - 
I would have never gotten this honest yet funny answer...
He would have run off screaming and having an emotional episode.
Fear that he got caught,
fear that he is in trouble,
fear of what the consequences might be.
Running and fighting is much easier then
answering for our poor choices.

I'll tell you, last night, he was surprised to get a giggle from mom,
and another cuddle from me as well.
But, sometimes you just have to giggle.

We are so proud of the effort Elijah is putting into trying to trust us
on a daily basis.

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