Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sleep Study #4

Can't believe this is Sleep Study #4 for Hagan.

It is 1am and so far so good.
They started him on the CPAP machine 
and the tech told me that he is doing well.
Though about 15 minutes ago he began snoring loudly again - 
usually on CPAP he doesn't snore.
But, they aren't coming rushing in like when he is just on 
his oxygen. 

Hagan has been refusing the CPAP mask lately,
like pulling it off 5-6 times a night 
and in tears over it - 
which leads to a very tired boy during the day. 

As I sit here, I think of his first sleep study.

Such a scared little guy,
home only a few months,
he only knew his momma for a little while,
and went with it but still had that question
"Do I trust her when she says, "no owies"?

he walked down the hallway to our room with all the confidence in the world.
When I reminded him earlier in the day what we would be doing - 
he believed me. 
He knows that I won't lie to him,
or "trick" him. 
When he has an appointment when he does gets poked -
I tell him,
and we have tears - 
but he has also learned that when I say "no owies" -
there really are not going to be any owies!

While are tech hooked Hagan up tonight he was calm and 
enjoyed laughing at Tom and Jerry on the TV. 
When he was all hooked up he laid down -
and fell asleep,
before we even turned the TV off.

(Hagan says he looks like Spider Man in this photo!!
I see the resemblance! - My superhero!!) 

Sweet boy is learning to trust. 
He understands that we love him,
and will take care of him.
The weight of the world is not on his shoulders anymore! 

Some people say that we must be addicted to adopting.
and you know,
in a way we are.
There is nothing better than to see the transformation in our children.
When are children learn to trust,
learn to love,
learn to allow us to take care of them,
it is an amazing transformation to see 
and be blessed to be used from God to be a part of!

Tonight I'm not complaining that we had to do another sleep study...
rather celebrating that with every step we take with Hagan
we have another chance to show him that he can trust us
and that we love him!

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The Hallowell 4 said...

Hi!! I also use CPAP and one thing that has helped me
keep mine on longer is pur sleep scents. I've heard of
several kids it had helped as well. I do not work for them
just sharing for Hagan.


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