Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"…When no one else did."

My little girl is living proof that even children 
who are adopted as babies,
are children from "hard places".

Let me take a step back…
often people think that because a child is adopted 
and has stability at an early age,
they will have an easy transition 
and will have no insecurities…

At 16 months old Jailyn didn't no what to do with solid food,
she could not crawl or walk,
she could barely sit up on her own,
developmentally she was really like a 6 month old.

We brought this little "lovie" to China for Jailyn 
when she was just 16 months old.  
At that time,
she didn't like stuffed animals or blankets - 
she had never experience something so soft and cuddly 
so she didn't know what to do with it. 

When she came home, we kept the lovie in her crib,
again, she was never interested in it…
when I put her crib bedding away,
I also put the lovie away.  

I was cleaning my closet and found the lovie and her crib quilt 
and gave them to Jailyn. 
I told her the stories behind both items. 
And she cuddles with them constantly now. 
No one else is allowed to touch them,
and she is very adamant about protecting these items.

Telling her siblings, 
"These are very special to me.  
My momma bought and made these for me before she even held me.
She loved me before meeting me."

and then the saddest part,
"She loved me when no one else did." 

Even my confident, happy-go-lucky girlie 
has a side of her that breaks my heart as she still 
feels the pain of being left alone for 16 months.


Anonymous said...

So glad you kept the "lovie" and quilt for her. It has so much meaning for her. I had "Lambie Pie" - a stuffed lamb that went to get tonsils out with me & lots of other childhood scary moments. I can relate to her wanting these items as a memory of a time when she realized that someone really cared about just HER! ~Faith

itrustobey said...

the Pain and yet amazing joys GOD has placed in your journey and each of your precious children.

Jody, I am looking for that picture of Hagan in a big boy's room...I have been searching on your FB timeline and here and can't find it. Where is it?

wondering, Sharon Manning


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