Friday, February 28, 2014

If you give a mom a Plexus SLIM

If you give a mom a Plexus SLM 
she's going to have a smile on her face!

If she has a smile on her face -
she's going to be cheery in the morning.

If she's cheery in the morning
she will enjoy getting 
the family started for the day.

If she enjoys her family in the morning - 
she will want to get their laundry done.

If she gets the laundry done 
she will want to take the kids to the park.

If she takes the kids to the park,
she will want to play with them.  

If she plays with them her kids will be happy.
If her kids are happy they will want to put their laundry away.

When they put their laundry away there is time for mom to relax bit.

When mom has time to relax she will have the energy to do more. 

When she has energy to do more- she will get the kids to bed on time.
and have time for 'girls night out'.

If she has a girls night out she will come home happy.

When she comes home happy,
she will get a good nights sleep.

And if she has a good nights sleep -
what do you think she will want in the morning...

a Plexus SLIM!


Anonymous said...

Oh I would love to try Plexus! I want that life!

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