Monday, March 10, 2014

Beware scary photos

Isn't he scary!!!!!

I'm still trying to figure out why peole are afraid of people with dwarfism.

Okay, so maybe your not afraid of
people with dwarfism 
afraid to bring a child with dwarfism 
into your family. 
I guess the unknown is scary but
believe me -
these kids are just normal kids!

There are many boys with dwarfism waiting in China,
I don't have permission to post all of their photos here -
would love to share with you personally.

They need a mommy and daddy!
Brothers and sisters! 
They are intelligent, independent people-
Just short!! 

I know that Hagan has some medical issues,
But that is not what makes him who he is.

I hate for my son that people question him when he says that he is 6 years old,
I hate when people stare at him, 
I hate when people remark about the size of his head.
I hate when people treat him like a 2 year old.
(He hates is more than I do!)

But more importantly I love when people take the time to get to 
know him and play with him like any other six year old.
I love to hear his jokes, 
And when he sticks up for himself and with pride says, "I'm short!".
I love when he sings worship songs.
I love to watch him on the playground playing and laughing- 
Ignoring the stares of people around him.
I love when he reads books to me,
I love to see him want to work on his math
and take in the world around him!

China Waiting Children Statistics:
There are usually 1,900- 2,000 kids waiting for a family on China's shared list at all times.
At this time, there are 380 girls on the shared list and 1,633 are BOYS!!! 
You may have never knew there was such a need for boys to be adopted... especially in China!
But there most certainly is!!! 
Please pray for these waiting kids, but consider opening your heart to adopting a boy! 
Boys are wonderful!


Anonymous said...

My son also has dwarfism, and he's six too! I was driving for a field trip and my group was some girls my daughter doesn't really know. The waiter at the restaurant had dwarfism. I loved talking to her about how we had an adopted son who is also a little person. In the car, I about blew up at them for the comments they had said about her (in the car... Not to her face!). Excuse me? What difference des it make if you're short?!

Sharon said...

I love the expression he has on his face in the Kings costume.


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