Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Keeping them busy...

Okay, so I admit that I sold this idea 
to the kids 
with excitement for them

with the excitement that maybe, just maybe they would be busy and I could get 
some crafting of my own done. 

Well, it didn't really work out like that -

After church on Sunday we ran to the craft store 
to get something for all the kiddos to work on...

When the boys chose models,
I knew that my dream of getting some crafting done 
was just that...  a dream. 

First models for Donovan and Elijah!

And Hagan choose a cool 
Castle model!

Jorja choose beads,

and Jailyn choose more bands for bracelets,

and Griggsy chose clay!

We loved this time to build and create together!

My craft table waits...

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