Friday, March 14, 2014

FB friends become real life friends!!

In the world of technology,
I admit I have a lot of Facebook friends 
whom I have never met in person. 

But there's every so often one of those FB friends 
that you just seem to hit it off with -
and you just have to meet in person!!!

This week we had the opportunity to meet Amy 
and three of her beautiful kiddos!! 
Molly, Timmy and Savannah!!!

What a great day!!

 Timmy and Hagan solving the world's problems...

While Jailyn and Molly monkey around!

Miracle baby Savannah is loved by our real life friend Selinda!!
 Maklayne and Savvy are going to be BFF's!!! 
I just know it!! 

Donovan and Elijah met this gentleman who was flying a kite
with a fishing pole!! 

And Jailyn humored us momma's by taking our photo!

Sooo thankful to have met my FB friend 
in real life!!! 
And the best part,
we realized at the end of the day that Amy and I 
may be traveling to China at the same time to bring our 
kiddos home!! 

1 comment:

Sherri said...

That sure is an awesome thing, when your friends come to life, after leaving comments on blogs, or even facebook friends. I have a whole list of folks I would love to meet. I don't always see your things on facebook, but I do check my blogs often. God is good, and all the time he is. Maybe one day we will meet as well, would love to meet those adorable boys of yours...and of course the rest of your family.


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