Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The tougher they are...

Since we're doing a series of updates on our kiddo's - 
I can't wait to tell you about Elijah!
and what's been happening since we 
decided to bring him home to homeschool him.

We took Elijah off of his prescription meds,
and started him on a few natural supplements.
(Plexus SLIM and Plexus ProBio5 probiotic).

I tell y'all this boy is a different child!
He is still Elijah, but his mind is clearer. He is calmer and is able to be in control
of his emotions.
His body is getting healthy from the inside out,
and his heart is getting healthy as he can physically focus making sense of his surroundings
 and learn to trust us as his family.

Being home in a safe learning environment he is able to express his feelings,
and needs in an appropriate manner.

He gets very stressed with school work,
but is beginning to make sense of it.

He is learning that mom is a stickler for school work,
and though I won't let him get away with saying,
"I can't" -
he is accepting that and working hard.

He is behind in academics, due to his episodes at public school and
not being able to stay in the classroom setting,
but we are proud of his accomplishments.

When we run errands he is very helpful and learning
many life skills.

While I was away with Hagan and Griggs we were very nervous about
what this would do to Elijah.
Thankfully we are blessed with good friends who helped take care of while
Bryan was at work.

We were nervous by a few days in he would have episodes…
but he didn't!!
I talked to Kenzie at the end of the week,
and she told me that Elijah was crying for me that day.

I asked, "he had a fit?"

She answered, "No, he actually was crying."

appropriate show of emotions!! Praise God!!!
This is huge for my tough guy -
 who has reacted with his survivor instincts for years.

We are so thankful that we brought him home for more bonding,
security and to build up his confidence!

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B said...

Yah! Love hearing this!! Go homeschool, go natural products!


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