Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mystery Man!

Griggs was seen by Dr. Pauli also!

 (If you didn't hear, that is Mimi! 
She flew from Colorado to come be with us!)

Griggsy's file is much smaller than Hagan's,

When we arrived, Dr. Pauli had 5 syndromes in mind for Griggs.

After doing a few small tests,
he ruled out 3 of those syndromes.

So, now we will set up appointments here in town for him 
to more testing done. 

Griggs is a healthy, happy boy who is a little short!
No big hairy deal! 
Infact, since we have been home,
and I have been strict about it -
he is dressing himself all but his socks!! 
This is huge and puts a huge smile on his face too!

If these tests come out "normal" 
then we will have confirmation that 

Griggs is one in a million, trillion!! 

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