Sunday, December 29, 2013

My boys wouldn't have lasted long!

I have just heard that some Ethiopia officials are 
trying to put an end to international adoption.

I am shocked, stunned,
completely broken for the children who have been left behind.
For the children who live with no one to hold them 
when they are in pain,
to encourage them when they try something new,
to challenge them and help expand their minds!

I agree, that there needs to be something done with Ethiopian adoptions!
There needs to be a careful eye on who is being relinquished and why.

But, there are soooo many children who already live as orphans,
the lucky orphans are actually in orphanages. 
(That is the hardest thing to say!) 

My boy wouldn't have survived life in the orphanage for any longer then they did.

My boys need to be
free to play,
they need to be 
loved with the love of a family! 

I watch them experience life -
and I get teary-eyed as I think of what their life could have been,
living life in that compound. 

Things need to change in Ethiopia but is closing to international adoption 
the answer?
I pray it is not!!! 

Below is the article about the potential closing,
I have heard that Parliament has appointed a committee to create a "plan of action to end adoption".
This plan of action has to go before the Prime Minister to sign.
Please pray that the Prime Minister will NOT sign this plan!!!

Praying for peace in the hearts of the families who are waiting to bring
their precious children home. 

Stakeholders, Public Has to End Foreign Adoption
The House of Peoples' Representatives and the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth urged stakeholders and the public to undertake integrated work to totally stop adoption of Ethiopian children by foreign families.
In a press conference, House Speaker Abadula Gemeda and the Minister Zenebu Tadesse told journalists that stakeholders should work closely to end foreign adoption.
Abadula urged the importance to give priority to use local means to raise orphaned children rather than giving them away to foreign families.
He suggested the importance to establish and support local NGOs which raise orphaned children with the close collaboration of the public.
He urged stakeholders and the public to support these initiatives and protect children from any kind of abuse.
The Minister Zenebu on her part said the government is working hard to end foreign adoption and facilitate situations to raise the children within their community.
Over 9,000 children were adopted by foreign families during the previous years, in a yearly basis, she said.
Through various activities carried out over the past years, number of children adopted by foreign families reduced to less than 1,000 in 2005EC.
She attributed the success to implementation of various laws and increasing knowledge of the public.


Sherri said...

Wow, the terms of 'giving them away' and 'abuse'? Horrible thing to say. It's so sad that our world is so changing for the worst. What lucky little boys and beautiful I may add you have. I hope and Pray that doesn't happen.

FlGdNbr said...

Maybe those two "officials" should live in one of their orphanages for, oh, say 10 years or so & see for themselves how "wonderful" it is to live like that. To me, an orphanage is just a stepping stone to a forever family. To say someone who adopts these kids is abuse and that it is "giving them away" is absurd, to say the least! These people need to get their facts straight - go visit some of your "given away" kids & see how well they are doing and how very much they are loved and THRIVING since being adopted!

~Faith (Jodi's abused & given away adopted cousin in FL).


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