Saturday, December 28, 2013

5 years ago...


5 years ago???
This little girl said "good-bye" to her orphanage.
And all she had known.

Bravely, this little peanut walked into the Civil Affairs room.

She walked off the elevator holding the hands of 2 caregivers.

She was smaller then any almost 5 year old I had ever seen,
smaller then any almost 5 year old that our Chinese guide had
ever seen...
she argued with me that this little girl was not my daughter
"she looks like she is 2 - 
your daughter is almost 5."

I looked at Rebecca, our guide, and said,
"That is MY daughter!"

Bryan shrugged his shoulders...

Rebecca got up to check...




a momma knows her daughter,
even if it was the first time she laid eyes on her!!

What a beautiful young lady Jorja is becoming!!! 

Smart, talented, silly, nurturing, compassionate
and loving! 

A little girl who came home 5 years ago with a survivor attitude 
that she would survive no matter what...
loves putting others first now,
loves making cards for family members,
loves helping mom,
loves Jesus,
and loves her family! 

And we love you Jorja Noelle!!! 
Happy Gotcha' Day!!

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Sherri said...

She's so beautiful. Happy Gotcha Day!


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