Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Silly, silly kiddos

The kids learned a great lesson yesterday.

I took them to McD's for lunch after going to the park.

and here they go again and here I go again...
"No, we're not getting ice cream!"

I don't know why they ask every time! 
We never get ice cream with lunch or dinner...
once in a while a treat on it's own -
but never with a meal. 
Oh well...

As the kids ate.  

Jailyn went to the front to get some BBQ sauce,
she came running back - 
"the man up there wants to know if I want a FREE ice cream for New Years."

"ohhhhh... I don't know."

"I'll tell him, I can have one if my brothers and sisters can too."

And that is what she did. 

They all had ice cream! 

The lesson was in the fact that there were other kids at McD's...
these kids were being rude and not obeying the play area rules.
My kids told me,
"That is probably why they didn't get any."

hmmmm probably not! 
or at least we'll go with that! 

Ice Cream Mustache's are the most fun!

Thank you McD's manager -
you made my kids afternoon!! 

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Awww so sweet


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