Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NOT ready for school!

Remember our prayer request a few months ago,
well, it has come to the time that we 
have had to make an official decision. 

Days have been focused only on this,
tears have been shed,
(and are still being shed),
we have researched and researched,
we have prayed and prayed.

And though I wanted something else,
it's NOT about me.

We really wanted to homeschool our 5 littles.
(Griggsy isn't school age yet)
But, with a broken heart - we will not be.

Jorja, Donovan, Jailyn and Elijah will be
attending our local elementary school. 
Though we love our school -
I know they all have specific needs. 
Sooooo, warning to our school teachers... 
I will also become a pain in the neck parent advocate! 
And my kids may miss a few days
when we decide to take field trips. 
Cause, my kids also need hands-on-experience.
(Remember when Donovan wondered it there would be 
real animals at the zoo.)

Since Hagan is having so many health issues,
and he, Griggs and I may be traveling out of state for 
medical care,
we decided that this would be best for everyone.
(I do get to keep Hagan home and homeschool him.)

Even though I want all my chicks home with me -
they also need a stable routine,
so it's off to school they go. 
(at least for this year.) 
And momma, will be crying for the next few weeks as 
we prepare to send them off.  
I'm gonna miss this crazy crew!


Dardi said...

I had to laugh at your parent advocate remark. We just found out the kids' teachers today, & I've already emailed K'Tyo's teacher about what we need from her to ensure that K'Tyo has a productive school year. :o) I hope she receives it well, but I learned that I need to voice my child's needs b/c no one else is going to!

I'm sorry things didn't go as you would have liked, but I pray that this year brings about blessings for your family as a whole.

likeschocolate said...

It will be ok!


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