Thursday, August 15, 2013

Her heart...

Griggs' birthday is tomorrow!!!

We greet this day with excitement!
His first birthday with us! 

The other day we all went to the party store for him
to pick out his birthday theme -

Elmo it is!!! 

As we celebrate we also grieve 
with his birth momma.

The pain that she must have gone through
when she saw no hope to keep her 
beautiful son.

(one of the earliest photo we have of our sweet boy!)

We pray for her as this special day approaches,
and pray that God will give her a peace 
that only HE can give -
and that she will know that Griggs 
is amazing and learning,
and loved sooooo very, very much!!!! 


Ty said...

Happy Birthday, Griggs!

Ty said...

Happy Birthday, Griggs! :)

Michele Morris said...

Happy Birthday Griggs! I hope it’s an amazing day filled with lots of adventure and excitement!

Michele Morris said...

Happy Birthday, Griggs! I hope you have an amazing day filled with excitement and greatness!


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