Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day of fun!

We can't believe our summer is almost over. 

School begins in 23 short days. :( 

We have had a busy summer,
and seems like we have done a lot,
but with 33 doctor appointments within 61 days -
we haven't gotten to everything we hoped 
we would have.

Yesterday we only had one doctor appointment
so we took advantage of it
and I took this crew bowling.

(no teens - I admit there was a bit of sweat dripping from my
forehead on the way there.)

Our friend, T, celebrated his birthday in May
and we promised him a day of bowling with Donovan as his gift,
we finally were able to get our schedules together
and celebrate!

Nice form Jorja!
One competitive girl -
always willing to take on the boys!

Donovan has more power then he knows 
what to do with - but is progressing 
very well in his game!

Tate - I love this boy!!!

Hagan is sooo fun to watch!
No one is allowed to touch his ramp -
he has his own strategy going on!

And Jailyn, our poser!

Griggsy comes along for the ride 

and loved every moment of it!

Love these boys!

Okay, I guess the bowling is getting a bit boring-
photos are more fun!

Goofy guys!

and look whose strategy paid off!
Hagan by one pin!
(Donovan won the first game -
but I wasn't quick enough to get a picture.)

We all had a great time!
and gotta say -
we love

And for those wondering where Elijah was...
well, he didn't make very good choices in the morning
so consequences need to be paid...
plus bowling is a bit overstimulating for him.
This is how he spent his time at the bowling alley last time
we went...
(fortunately he didn't mash his fingers!)

and you know,
we got home and he was in a great mood!
(could also have been the pizza we brought home with us)
He got to play games with Conner, Kenzie and our college buddy Alex.
He even apologized for his attitude!
Of course, I worried about him, and missed him,
 the whole time we were gone,
but sometimes tough love has to happen.

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