Sunday, June 9, 2013

Two babies...

This past week, two sweet heart babies who
had been adopted from China
now rest pain free in the arms of Jesus Christ.

These two children knew for a short time
what it is like to be loved,
to belong to someone,
to be held by a momma,
to play with a daddy,
to giggle with siblings

Their families fought to get them home,
struggled through paperwork,
worked on finding funds to get them home,
constantly praying for their children half a world away.
These families feel in love with them with every glance at
the few photos they had of their children.

but even through their leap of faith,
these families are now going through unbelievable pain,
though their children are
and now to be at peace in the arms of their creator.

Please pray for John Thomas' family

Zoe's family

and for the
millions of children who struggle each day
believing they are not worthy to be loved.

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Us! said...

Thank you for sharing this post with us. As I was reading through the two blogsites I mentioned to Jason about how lucky we are to still have Tovin with us. I don't think we totally knew the complexity of his heart condition, and how serious it was when we blindly brought him home! We are so blessed to have Tovin!
Jen :)


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