Sunday, June 9, 2013

an early celebration...

unfortunately the family will be separated for Donovan's 
birthday in a few weeks - 
so we decided to celebrate our 
Amazing Donovan 
(as I like to call him)
a bit early.

His big brothers and sister have brain washed him
(and the other "littles" that Olive Garden is the
place to go to for birthdays!)

He asked for a fish cake,

I can't believe there is an "8" candle on his cake!
My little boy is growing up waaaaayyyy to fast!!

and asked for a fish for his present. 
(Thanks Uncle JB!)

Happy early birthday Van!
I love you so much,
I still get goosebumps when you call me "mom"!


Anonymous said...

Happy (early) Birthday, Donovan! Hope your day is super fun and I can't believe you're EIGHT years old already!!!!! And a FISH man! Ha! Love, Cousin Faith & Roger in Florida (where we have LOTS of fish - in the ocean!!). ><> <3

Sherri said...

So sweet, what a great gift his own little fishy!


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