Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Temper Tantrum

While we enjoyed the picnic the other day,
I saw a boy that I had met 
2 years ago at the orphanage in Ethiopia.

This young man was hurt emotionally more then
I will ever experience.
His response to situations was out of pain.
But, the other day,
I saw a new boy.

I saw a son,
I saw a brother,
I saw a boy who knows love.

This child looked 4 years younger then the young man
I had met 2 years ago.
He doesn't carry the weigh of the world on his shoulders anymore.
he didn't have to fight to protect himself,
he trusts his momma will care for him.

And on came the 'ugly' cry! 
As I talked to a friend of mine I just couldn't hold it in anymore.
I looked around at all the beautiful kiddos 
who have their families finally
And the tears continued.

It's not fair!
It's not fair that these babies had to endure all that they did!
It's not fair that they hurt so terribly bad!
It's not fair that there are so many children 
who are still hurting,
just trying to survive on their own. 


Sherri said...

No it sure isn't! It hurts to see children hurting from around the globe. And I know we can't save them all. But I do thank GOD for the precious little one we did save. And you Mama - you are awesome for all the little ones you saved, if only I could do one more.

A is for Audrey said...

I love your heart!


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