Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When God grabs your heart...

There are times in life when we just want to
do something for some one...
I'm at this point with a
 precious little girl in  China.

I wish there was something I could do.

Part of the reason for my 'ugly' cry at the picnic -
is because this special little girl
weighs heavy on my heart.

This is a portion of her story...

Linny is a beautiful little 3 year old whose original diagnosis was Congenital meningocele. After having surgery she was developing normal physically and mentally. At 21 months old she was admitted to the hospital with a severe head injury for which she needed surgery. She is now paralyzed on her right side. She can no longer speak and can not walk.
She is introvert, limbs, intelligence and language development is slow. Her left hand can hold milk bottle to drink. She can understand what adults said, and their facial expressions. She can communicate with others by eyesight.  She can respond to the sound who called her.

"Linny" needs her momma!

For now,
God is asking us to pray for her,
 to share her beautiful face and ask others to pray for her!

Please join our family as we pray for sweet Linny,
and for her forever family to find her.

Write her name on your hand,
be reminded to pray for her.
Feel free to send me your photo -
wont it be fun to be able to give to her one day,
and let her know how loved she is,
and how many people have prayed for her.
or post it on fb!
Please share this precious girl with others!

She has a fund set up for her on Reece's Rainbow,
if you would like to donate to her adoption fee's please do!

Thank you for your prayers for
God's precious child!

(if you are interested in learning more about 
Linny, I'd love to chat with you -
or you can chat with Jessica at
Linny is on the shared list)


Learning Together at Home said...

Yes. I will continue to pray for her family to find her!

Adrian Roberta said...

I'm going to post this on my wall. All of us from Z
love her

Andrea Ellett said...

Sweet Linny has been heavy on my heart as well. I shared her picture about a week ago as well as her story. Have you seen her video? Almost makes me want to cry. I wish we could adopt her, but we are awaiting TA for a little boy and my hubby is not up for another (yet!).

Shay Ankerich said...

Precious one! Praying for her today! We got an update on a little one we have been praying for... needs heart surgery and that's major... so much easier when it's easy (oxymoron)but as hard as it would be to bring her home, my heart just can't bear to leave her there. I want her! Would you pray with us? Blessings and love!

Johanna said...

oh Lord, show us your miracle in her life!!!!! Please get her home to her mama!!!! In the meantime, please protect her, comfort her and give her smiles of joy!! She needs an angel placed in her CWI who will guard over her and speak up for her!!!!!
Till she comes home, which I know will happen soon!!!! YOU ARE ABLE!!!!


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