Sunday, June 23, 2013

Huge step forward!

Wow! What a day!
We were able to hang out at a park in Denver,

and see some old friends,
and make some new friends.

The adoption agency we used to bring Donovan and Elijah home had 
their annual summer picnic this weekend! 
We were so happy that we were in town and could join 
them all.

There was Ethiopian music and dancing...

 A traditional coffee ceremony,

Jailyn found the coffee fascinating!




being boys!

Not everything about today was easy for my boys.
Some things brought back feelings of pain 
and abandonment.

 This was a HUGE step for them.
I am so proud of them for facing this day 
and am so thankful they are in my arms!


Kelley said...

It wasn't easy for Zebdios either, but I think SO, SO worth it. He loved every minute of his time with Donovan. Preston loved getting to know Zebdi's friends and Mike and I had THE best time with Hagan, Griggs and Jorja. I wish we lived closer!

Shonni said...

How wonderful, and Amen to the last sentence!!!

Sherri said...

Just beautiful, looks like so much fun. We have neighbors a few blocks away from us who are adopting from Ethiopian. They just got a referral for two girls ages 11 and 13, sisters. Can't wait.


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