Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It was brought to my attention
the other day, that because,
I was unable to attend an event, that I guess someone
 (a person that I thought was a friend)
thought I should attend...

said to me that if I didn't have to bring so many children
into my home,
that I would have the time and financial ability to 
attend this event.
(event is an overstatement - more of a get-together)

I was told that I was "irresponsible".


I never thought I was an irresponsible person.
When I was younger I was always told that I was 
mature for my age.
I thought I was pretty organized,
and I take my role as mom and wife pretty seriously.

The more I thought about it and prayed about this new information 
that was brought to my attention,

I am at peace. 

It's true.
I do have to say "no" to some things.
I do have to say "no" to some people.
I do have to say "no" to some purchases.

and as long as I am saying 
to my heavenly Father 
then I don't believe I am irresponsible.

and if God asks us to adopt again -
then we will.
(no, I'm not giving away any hints.)
And though people may think we are irresponsible,
crazy and selfish,
then I guess that is what they will have to deal with. 

God has not called us to live for HIM until a certain age.
HE doesn't ask us to give to HIM for a season. 
He asks us to surrender our life and that is what we plan to do.


Anonymous said...

Really? that's all I have to say to that person's ignorance... Good for you to be strong enough to not let those words bring you down!
Blessings to you and your "too many kids!" *wink wink*
emily rice

Sherri said...

People are just so rude, i'm sorry.

Becky Ryder said...

I'll be "irresponsible" with you! I have family members who aren't too happy with my growing family. Oh well, I am in love:) Did you ever get you play room makeover finished?

Tank said...

Jodi, I am sad this occurred. Follow God's call and there is never a reason to second guess or question. You are as admirable a person any one can imagine. I will pray that peace comes to you quickly. What can be wrong with being a Christ-like example? If that is irresponsible, then maybe we all should be irresponsible. All4Him, Frank

Shelly said...

Oh so sorry! I know that is horrible to experience, especially when the speaker is a supposed friend. You are doing a great job and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Love y'all!

Adina Henderson said...

Amen, my sister. Amen.

Amy said...

With our 5 kids we have a hard time going to all the parent teacher stuff...etc...
But just because we can not do it all "perfect" does not mean we should not have adopted. What was the choice? A parent who does not do 100% of the events, or no parents at all? Crazy! Our kids are so loved, and well cared for. It isn't irresponsible, it's just a different set of priorities.

mbcfree said...

People are just crazy. I hope she reads this post. She should be ashamed of herself.

Taylor Brewer said...

Love it! So glad God has brought you and your family into our lives! What an amazing example you are!

Anonymous said...

Right on, Jodi! Every day we are alive and then after we pass away, the only ONE we have to answer to is our Heavenly Father. I feel sorry for the person who said you were "irresponsible" because only an ignorant person would ever say something like that after all you've done in your life. It's really a shame when a person thinks an event is more important than people. I think you did the right thing - just stay true to the Lord - HE is the ultimate Judge of us all. I wonder how that person will fare on Judgment Day? ~Faith

Ciara Molloy said...

Very well said!! :)

Jessica said...

Saying "No" is so refreshing, when it is to something that would only take time away from actions and people that are eternal.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely appreciate and agree with what your outlook on this person's comment. Not that you need me to agree, but just wanted you to know.:) I think most of the time that people make comments like this, they feel a level of guilt for not doing what God commands us all to do. Take care of the widows and the orphans!
Take care and may God continue to bless you with your Treasures!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Just to let you know, we adopted our little girl in 2005 from China. The pictures that you posted are precious! The pic of little Hagan in his green plaid shorts is adorable!


Yvette said...

Oh no HUGS!! Yes there are days that I jsut can't do it all, everyday I find I have to plan percision more than I ever did in the Army. HOWEVER, we are a family. My olders, my bios have learned far more from their sacrifices and coordination thatn they ever did in the "give me everything" society we blissfully lived in before.

You know I find that if I listen to Him, especially in the difficult decision making times I ALWAYs find I chose the one that I later know is right where HE needed me.

Or you can use my pat answer "Yeah, i really should have left so and so to rot in that orphanage the rest of their life."

Hugs your awesome!

Jackie Shelton said...

You are one of the most responsible people I know! Thanks for following the Lord's call on your life and inspiring others! Love you and your wonderful calico family!

Kat said...

Laugh...get mad...laugh...get mad (you know where I am right now)...

Ok, sarcasm won out...

My response...

(Remember it's coming from a mommy that's fighting for her child right now...so take that into consideration when you see my snarkiness.)

"Yes, it is obvious in the Bible that God says it should all be easy and social gatherings need to take SO much more priority than orphans. Oh wait! It doesn't say that?! I KNOW it says we should only follow God when it's convenient. What?! It doesn't say that either! What exactly is your definition of irresponsible, cause I'm claiming it!"

Ok, I'm done. She probably is feeling guilty by now (prayerfully). Sadly the world just squirms it's way into hearts (my own included at times) and stupidity springs forth at that point (again, that might just apply to me occasionally...lol).


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