Thursday, May 2, 2013

never in 33 years...

Today began bright and early,
or rather dark and early for Hagan and Mom. 

Off to the hospital to get his tonsils and adenoids out
and ear tubes put in. 

All was good, Hagan did great getting settled in 
and took the silly juice great.

He relaxed and went back to the OR with no problem.
Sweet sweet boy!

I waited, pretty relaxed, in the waiting room.
After about 20 minutes the surgeon came out to me,
had a seat, 
and said, "Well, we've had some complications."


As he proceeded to tell me that the tubes are in and the adenoids,
that were huge, are out...
the tonsils ... well, they aren't coming out.


Well, it seems that Hagan's Carotid artery is in his tonsil.



I asked if he had ever seen that before -
he looked at me and said, 
"Never in 33 years."

So, since Hagan still has his tonsils we are not in PICU,
but are spending the night in a regular room.
We are also supposed to have an ultrasound this afternoon 
to see what this artery is doing. 
And what it means.

That is our update for now.
Hagan is finally resting and ate a bowl of jello.

Thank you for your prayers!!!

I guess when we get home we will all be having an
ice cream, jello, pudding Welcome Home party for Hagan,
since he wont be recovering from a tonsillectomy. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! God was really watching over little Hagan today! So glad to hear your surgeon was skilled enough to know to stop when he saw something really out of the ordinary - now you can tell Hagan he is REALLY REALLY special now! (Not that he wasn't always!!). More prayers going up for all of you for today and the days ahead!

Sherri said...

I second that WOW! I will be sending prayers to that sweet handsome little man of yours. God is watching over him.

Us! said...

Oh my that is crazy! You are so lucky the surgeon looked closely before he began the procedure! Keep us updated!


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