Friday, May 3, 2013

A bright and sunny morning...

This morning I am so very thankful that our little man 
is in my arms, where he should be. 
I am so very thankful to all of you who helped us bring 
Hagan and Griggs home.

Hagan slept well last night,
though he had to be put back on oxygen as his levels continued to drop
throughout the night.
(thinking it's his sleep apnea - makes me wish I had an oxygen tank at home!)

We had an ultra sound done yesterday afternoon
but Doc wasn't happy with the results so he ordered a CT scan...
radiology didn't agree,
so our precious nurse Stefanie went back and forth 
and back and forth a few hundred times
with Doc and radiology...
needless to say -
we don't know what we are doing today. 

So, Hagan and I will sit here snuggling together
for as long as they let us! 
Cause we are kinda enjoying our one-on-one time.

Hagan's tummy has not been able to tolerate any food yet,
praying he will be able to keep something down today. 

Hagan got to say goodnight to the rest of the family last night 
on the phone.
Sweet boy misses everyone at home sooooooo much!

Thank y'all for your prayers!
We are so thankful our Doc doesn't see every surgery as routine.
And even more thankful to know God is in control -
and that HE is not surprised.
HE created Hagan's little body perfectly!
I am amazed daily!

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Liz said...

these little achons are the BEST snugglers around!!! I love when JD crawls up and cuddles. Hoping they figure out what's going to happen with your sweetie and he gets back to running and playing as he should. I just love looking at him and he reminds me so much of my guy that he warms my heart.
enjoy snuggling!


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