Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A first!

Adopting older kids there comes a 
grieving time for us parents,
we missed feeling their first tooth come in,
we missed their first steps,
we never heard their first words.

But, today I was here for him, 
well, not really...

Kinda funny situation.
It was a late night with Hagan not sleeping,
he lays quietly in his bed,
who knew the absence of him not snoring would keep me awake.
More then usual, we were rushed this morning,
getting kiddo's off to school and all,
then we rushed getting Elijah, Hagan and Griggs 
dressed and ready to go to Elijah's dental appointment. 
I normally brush their teeth but this morning I 
handed the toothbrush to the boys 
to brush themselves.

not until we had gotten home,
they had a mid-morning snack,
and I was getting Elijah and Hagan ready for school
did I notice the whole in his mouth. 

For a second I thought,
"there was a tooth there - wasn't there!"
(again, late night last night - like 2 hours of sleep max.)

I asked Hagan,
"Where's your tooth?"

He just smiled and giggled.
And stuck his tongue through the hole. 

I went to his bed and found the tooth on his bed. 
He and Elijah ran around the house giggling!
Silly boys!  

Hagan has another loose tooth 
and Elijah has four loose tooth. 
Looks like the tooth fairy may need to take out a loan!

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