Friday, January 18, 2013

The big brown truck!

Don't you love it when the big brown truck stops by your house?

You know what I mean - 
the UPS truck!

Especially when you receive a surprise 
huge package!

Knowing I hadn't ordered anything  -
I tore into the box!

It's a good thing no one else was home - 
cause I just sat and bawled! 

Someone sent our Hagan a plasma car!
You know the one I mentioned here the other day.
(it will look better once we get the wheels and steering wheel attached!)

There was no name on the package -
but to who ever sent this beautiful gift
we thank you!!! 
My son will be able to ride "bikes" with the other kiddos!
I know this will bring a huge smile on his face -
and even more a smile in his heart! 
I can't wait to share this story with him! 

Thank you soooo much dear friend!


connie said...

ohmigoodness! you guys will love that!!!! we've had 2 of them, and they last forever. and many blessings to the 'giver'!!!!

Bugs Family said...

Wow - and as important as Hagan having a bike to ride, the huge hug from God is just what his Momma needed these days!!! So thankful you have such sweet friends in your life who love you and your children!

Can't wait to see pictures of Hagan riding his bike surrounded by his brothers and sisters! Soon, my friend, very soon we'll see that!

Sherri said...

Wow, that's awesome and I too can't wait to see him riding it!

Cari said...

That's awesome! Praise God...Jehovah Jireh...Our Provider!!

Kathy said...

God is so good! Our girls love their plasma cars!

Shonni said...

What a wonderful surprise!!

Sharon said...

That is AWESOME-what a great encouragement to you as you wait! I love that!


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