Sunday, January 13, 2013


A friend recently asked me what we were doing to prepare 
for the arrival of our boys...

this question really stopped me in my tracks.

What am I doing? 

Well, I have a crib and a toddler bed set up in our room 
for them. 
The crib is full with items for our trip
clothes, toys, bottles, sippy cups,
diapers, medicine...

I cleaned out my craft dresser for their clothing
and all. 

We have stools around the house.
Need to order more from Mr. Bill.

We have toys for all ages and levels.

I still want to get a plasma car 

This is Hagan on one at his foster home.
Since a bike wont work for now -
this would give him an great outside toy
with the other kids.

I have lists and lists made for those who will be staying home 
with our kiddos.

I have countdown ideas for them to do while we are gone.
I have recipes ready to make for frozen meals -
so my family eats healthy while we're gone. 

Though we are ready to go with "stuff"
I repeat my friends question to myself -
"What am I doing to prepare for our boys"

I am still stumped!
I know that our life will change -
we are in a good place right now.
The three big kids are in a groove,
the four littles are doing great!
Even Elijah feels safe and secure!

Am I ready to go back to being secluded from society?
Not by society, necessarily -
but it takes time to build trust and a relationship.
(but that is another post)
Our boys are leaving everything they know.
Every person,
 every smell, 
every taste,
every word they communicate with,
every situation they are comfortable in.

People praise us for bringing our kiddos home -
but truly they are the hero's!
I'm not a good international traveler -
I like comforts of home,
I like American food,
I like my radio station,
I like my family 
and my friends.
and I get pouty when I don't have those things.

What am I doing to prepare for my boys...

I am praying! 
Praying that God is preparing their hearts 
for this huge transition!
Praying that God is preparing our hearts 
for this huge transition!
Praying that God will show us the humor in crazy situations!
Praying for peace and compassion that only God can supply!
Praying that we will lean on HIM - 
even when we want to pout!
But, most of all -
praying that God will be glorified through our family!

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Five+Parmars said...

So touched! Thanks for sharing this.


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