Saturday, January 19, 2013

A HUGE thank you!

I dont' even know what to say! 

There are sometimes on life's journey when you meet people
that change your life,
you thought you were doing good -
and then God places some incredible people 
in your path -
instant friendships are made
(okay, so maybe my obnoxious snort laugh
 had something to do with it,
or maybe it was the pain meds I was on from 
my spinal surgery,
but still... )

Thomas and Kat are those kind of people -
and this week they have chosen to help us 
raise our last $9000 to bring Hagan and Griggs home! 

Check out the interview on Kat's blog:

And check out their story of their newest son,
still waiting for them,
but they are working as fast as possible to bring 
sweet Jonathan home!

Thank you Kat and Thomas! 

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