Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Have you ever had false reports made of you?

Maybe someone spread some rumors 
around the office about you,
or within a group of mutual friends...

and you were shunned because of these rumors.

What happened? 

I know this has happened to me before -
and I was upset, sad, depressed,
the rest of my life was good,
I still had my other friends who believed in me.
I still had a place to lay my head at night.
I still had my family to lean on.


There is one particular young girl in China,
who has broken my heart!
She has had rumors and judgements made about her
and this has brought fear to  potential adoptive families.

Hua was abandoned as an infant. 
She is healthy, 
with no developmental issues, 
no medical problems...
nothing out of the ordinary.

Except, she is not very good in math.

and because math does not come easily to her -
in 2009, she was labeled
"low intelligence growth".

Of course, this can be a scary diagnosis -
but after a CT scan -
she has been now labeled
Hua is outgoing and gets along with her classmates and nannies very well.
She is attentive to her teacher in class and her 
grades are average.

Her biggest problem now is that she will be 13 in November 
and is running out of time for her family to find her 
before the China adoption laws will no longer allow her to be adopted. 

Please pray for her sweet heart.
The orphanage director said something to her that lead her to believe 
that she had a family working to bring her home,
when she learned that this was not true -
no one was searching for her,
no one was praying for her,
no one was longing to bring her home,
she was very disappointed. 

Pray with us that her family will find her!

If you want more information -
please contact 
Dick and Cheryl Graham
Heartsent Adoption

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