Sunday, September 2, 2012

Never a dull moment!

What a weekend - last weekend -
our Epic garage sale!
God provided 
for us in soooo many ways!

We had a fun family night at the Dallas Cowboys game!

And monday we got everyone off to school 
for their first day back to school.

Later, Monday afternoon, 
I received a call from my Dr - 
he had a surgical cancellation for Wednesday,
he could do my surgery that we have been putting off - 
until the perfect time.

The first week of school,
40 hours notice,
Bryan, Kenzie and Conner going to a soccer tournament 
all weekend -
did not sound like the perfect time for me to 
have spinal surgery -
but God had different plans. 

We decided to jump at the chance -
with 6 weeks in a neck brace and 
months before I can do heavy lifting
this gives me the chance to fully recover,
before we travel to China -
and I will be able to lift and hold my new babies!

Which turned into a good decision since my doc said
that my spine was worse then he first expected. 

For the past few days I have been bed ridden 
and on pain killers - 
praying I can get off of those and start being helpful around the house again.

God has been teaching me to be humble and give up control
and HE is still working on me.
It is hard to be the momma and not be able to cook for them, 
help them get ready for school,
help them with their homework,
do laundry -
yes, I would love to do laundry right now! 
To ask my kids for soft hugs and not be tackled by their 
sweet, rough hugs!

I am so very thankful for friends who have jumped 
at the chance to help us! 
Thank you so much! 
and thank you so much to friends who are praying for my recovery.

(sorry if this post doesn't make sense - 
I did take some pain relievers last night :)


Kim K. said...

Sending you some virtual (((hugs))) and praying for a speedy recovery.

Sharon said...

Wow, Jodi. That is great that your surgeon could get you in earlier. This sounds like a long recovery-I'm glad to hear that you have great support around you. Rest up because busier days are coming! :)


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