Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to school!

Can't believe summer of 2012 is gone :(

it is good to be back to a schedule and back to learning!

Well, a few of us are ready to be back to school!

Kenzie - 
excited for her Jr. year!
(she dropped the crutches for the photo opt -
but the cast - still there! 
and there for 3 more weeks!)

Conner J -
Big Man on Campus! 
8th grade! 
Last year in Middle School! 

Taking 2nd grade by storm!

First grade - watch out! 

Jailyn Hope 
First grade -
my she looks all grown up! :(

Elijah is the most excited to get back to school!
He LOVEs his pre-school!

Brady seemed to escape photos this morning -
don't worry -I'll get him!
Just cause he's in college he thinks he doesn't get his photo done-
I'll catch you buddy!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Love the back to school pics. I miss the "new backpack, new clothes, new school supplies" part of school since we are homeschooling. I get new supplies, but it's not the same thing. ; )


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