Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What a year looks like

I can't believe my boys have been home for a year already!

I just love looking back at my kids first years home.
All of their new experiences,

their first adventures,
how they have grown into being a family.

For little Elijah -
the first year has been rough.
He wanted to run and do what ever he wanted to do -
and not hear ideas from his new parents of what we 
thought would be a better choice.

He has fought us over big issues,
he has fought us over little issues,
he has been frightened to let us into his little world.
Willing to let us feed him -
but not willing to let us love him.

Though he has tried, and tried to give in 
and let us love him,
and care for him,
there is still a part of him that wont give up control.

(always wants to be in the driver's seat)

Though this is hard, 
really hard some days,
the more consistent we are -
the more he begins to understand that we are here 
for the long haul! 

This boy is so silly,

his giggle is infectious,

he has a smile that doesn't quit 
(well, unless he is fighting us),
he's so creative,
the boy rocks a pink shirt too!

He's so smart,
he's a dare devil,

he loves to be kissed and hugged,

he loves to take things apart -
not to be destructive 
(okay, maybe a little) 
but to learn.
For a few days every time he went potty he would
take off the lid to the tank - just to see what was happening.
Finally, Dad took him to the toilet and 
explained to him what was happening -
he hasn't lifted the tank lid since!
(which we're thankful for - a broken toilet tank lid 
is not needed!)

As we enter our second year as a family -
we are still building trust and bonding.
This doesn't happen over night.
But, with consistency and love,
God will 
 heal our sweet boy!

After Bible school one day last week -
I asked him what he learned,
he said,
"obey, and beweeeve Jesus!"
Preach it brother!

Yesterday, he climbed up into my lap,
looked me in the eyes and said,
"I love you momma."
"I love Jesus, momma." 

Melt my heart
sweet baby boy!


Kim K. said...

Happy Anniversary! Continued blessings to your sweet boys and your growing family!

bugs parents said...

That's what it's all about, my friend. God is well pleased with your faithfulness. Congratulations on one year!

Yvette said...

Love this, - heehee the princess dress is awesome!

I think so often we hear the fairytale, and people don't want to hear that sometimes it is so hard but the rewards are also exponentially more.

Prayers for our little guys who we just want to love and who have so much hurt and loss to overcome.

Cari said...

I loved reading this post and looking at all the pictures. I didn't know that they had only been home for just one year. I'm praying that your second year brings closer bonds and deeper trust in your sweet boys' hearts!


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