Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Mission Field

The mission field that I dreamt of serving on 
is much different then the one God planned for me.

In college my favorite song was,
Lord of the Harvest 
by the Imperials.

I always dreamt of God sending me to a mission field.
But, the more I prayed toward that -
God seemed to lead me a different way -
marrying a Navy man doesn't make it easy for us to 
pack up and move overseas
to be missionaries.

As, I prayed and prayed for years -
God opened doors that we followed God through,
being transferred to different cities with the Navy,
and finally putting down roots in Texas.

Though many times I have still prayed -
"Lord, I'm still willing to go -
send me."

while helping one of my kids through
a time of grief,
God brought me to my knees 
and spoke to me and said, 
"Jodi, you are serving on MY mission field."

Really, how cool is God!
I can have all the comforts of home -
and HE reminds me that I am right where 
HE has placed me -
doing just what HE has planned for me.

My children are my mission field.

HE is soooo cool!!!!


quilt'n-mama said...

beautiful post friend and how I relate... I needed to be reminded this morning.

Yvette said...

Heehee Love this - I keep thinking of how I can serve overseas too, and then a great friend reminded me that if I didn't have a nursing background - we probably would have been scared away from Cav especially.

I especially love the phrase of it not being the right season - of course I keep extending our parenting season - but oh when I am a grandma - the things I will do!

Sharon said...

I remember that song! I can relate to this...still praying.


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