Monday, June 25, 2012

Where have you been?

I apologize for being a horrible blogger this summer -
but ya know,
the kids are home from school
and well, 
Momma's busy! :)
The best kinda busy but busy!

This past week I really wanted to work on some posts
but two things overwhelmed my thoughts 
and time =
(well, two things besides the normal
cooking, laundry, playdates,
summer schooling... 
y'all know)

First thing that had me preoccupied this past week 
and still does,
are the forest fires in Colorado.

Last week it was the Springer Fire,
it is now 100% contained,
Thank you Jesus!
but then another fire broke out 
and is growing rapidly! 

Brady and Kenzie were supposed to leave Uncle JB's house in the springs and drive to camp 
on Sunday - 
but the fires didn't allow them to get to camp.
Presently, camp is good, 
fires are close to the town camp is in 
but camp is good.
Camp did postpone their start time for 24 hours -
which was really good because getting there
is very difficult - 
as many in town are being evacuated 
and there are not many ways out of the small mountain town. 

 We pray camp can continue this week!
Many kids were very sad yesterday -
as they are so excited to begin their week! 

Please keep Colorado in your prayers! 
All those who are fighting the fires,
making decisions for evacuations,
caring for those who are being evacuated,
those who are being evacuated!

My kids - 
they seem to be doing fine,
Brady forgot his inhaler - 
so that is on the my list first thing today!
Thinkin' breathing is going to be difficult with all that smoke!
Please pray we can get an inhaler to him! 

  2nd thing that has consumed my time this week.
Ohhh that face! 

This little guy! 
 Having 3 kiddos away from momma,
is rough on momma.
But thankfully,
our Home Study is finished!
Second thing on the list will be calling our agency
so we can get started on the next step!

This momma needs her baby back in the fold!
I know my big kids are right where they need to be.
And are so proud of their servant attitude.
Just can't wait to see them next week! 
And Griggs - 
well, he just needs to come home! 

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Sharon said...

Home study done-Yay for progress!!!


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