Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just lettin' you know...

our fundraising is still happening!!!

This is sooo humbling!
And sooo hard for us!
Which proves that God is still working in us!

Today God lead me to Mathew 14: 22 - 32
You know the account,
Jesus walks on the water.

in verse 27 Jesus said to the disciples,
"Take courage. 
It is I.
Don't be afraid."

How often I try to take things in my own hands -
"Don't worry God - I've got this under control."

And then God hits me and says,
"Really Jodi?

And I begin to sink like Peter did. 

But God is always there to 
(vs 33)
Immediately... reach out his hand and 
catch me!

So today,
I send out a reminder to y'all about our fundraisers
to help us bring our sweet, little guy home!

We have our African necklaces 

and if you would like to donate 
even $10 -
to our 
Friends of Griggs campaign -
it would help ALOT!!!

We will also be having another garage sale 
in August - 
so, locals, if you have some treasures 
that you are finished using -
and would like to pass them on,
we would soooo appreciate it!
We can come by and pick it up -
clothing, furniture, bikes, toys...

We gotta get our boy home!

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