Thursday, June 21, 2012

I wish I was with my big kids!

I guess it is news like this that makes me lean 
on God more and more!

I know God will care for my kids!

When my kiddos are hundreds of miles away 
and I can't get to them quickly -
I truly have to have faith that God is 
watching over them. 

I have heard two different stories about forest fires
in Colorado very close to the camp 
where Brady and Kenzie are serving this summer.

One report says that camp is not in danger -
though they have shared the evacuation plan they have in place,
and another report says that they
 under standby evacuation 
due to two forest fires 
that began 1.5 miles from camp.

Either report makes me nervous and scared!
I don't do fire
I mean - 
fire has a mind of it's own and can change direction in a heart beat,
ya' know what I mean?

God has used this camp to His glory for years!

Not sure I will get much sleep tonight, 
as I will be up all night
praying that HE will again save his camp 
from forest fires -
and that the staff and campers,
emergency personnel and camp neighbors
will be safe. 
Please pray with us!


Kathy said...

That is so scary! Praying for a hedge of protection around the camp and the homes in the area.

Kim K. said...

Definitely scary. Prayers flowing from Michigan.

Shelly said...

Praying for the camp, kids and you.


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