Monday, November 7, 2011

My heart is in Ethiopia: Part II

Returning home from Ethiopia was soooo very hard.
We just wanted to bring Donovan and Elijah home with us then and there.
But, that's not how Ethiopian adoptions are set up -
we came home to wait for Embassy clearance and travel dates 
as to when we could return for our boys. 

The only good part about not taking Donovan and Elijah then,
was that I knew I would be back to see Z
and love on him a bit more.

This sweetie who kissed me on the cheek the day we left,
and told me he loved me. 

This sweet, older boy who had waited so long for someone
 to pay extra attention to him.

And I'd get to go back and 
love on him again!


A week or so after we were home,
the family who had wanted to begin the adoption process Z,
believed that God was telling them,
"No, not now,  but his parents will show up soon!"

I got chills,
was that us? 

I want that to be us -
but is that what God wants for us?
Why has this boy hit my heart so hard,
what is my role in his life?

Seven weeks later I and my brother, Uncle JB, were on the plane to bring 
Donovan and Elijah home! 
But, I knew how hard it would be to walk away again.
And this time with no promise of ever getting back to him.


connie said...

Oh, Sister, God writes the perfect ending, and I'm praying this one is beyond your wildest dreams!

Kim K. said...

I'm on pins and needles.


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