Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Heart is in Ethiopia:Part III

We had been home for a few weeks with Donovan and Elijah -
the transition was going so well -
we felt so blessed! 

This transition can be very difficult,
adding 2 new kids to the schedule,
2 new personalities to the family,
respecting their emotions -
their fears,
their insecurities

but really God showed up every day 
reinforcing to us that His plan is perfect!

We were so thankful,
and with every moment and day that we bonded,
and attached with our boys
and they attached with us -
we couldn't get Z off our minds. 

You would think "out of sight out of mind"
but this was not the case with Z.

Z has 2 friends who have also been on the waiting child list for
over a year.
They all needed someone to advocate for them.
To share what wonderful boys these three are!
I was more then willing to speak for their boys and share what I knew.
Donovan was able to give us a lot of insight too!
Some funny stories and some heart wrenching stories.
With each story we grew closer and closer to Z.

Until the day I received a phone call from our agency.
The three boys were "on hold".
"On hold" meaning if anyone asked about them they would have to 
wait to see their files.
An investigation on their paperwork had to be completed. .
Our agency had become aware that some of the birth families
from the region these boys are from didn't understand
that "relinquishing" their children meant forever 
and could mean international adoption.

We were looking at three options for the boys -
1) biological families would take them back home!
which would be wonderful!
2) foster care in Ethiopia - and we would search for sponsors for the boys.
3) they would be available for international adoption.

Though the investigation only took 11 days -
it felt like forever.

The boys were available again for International Adoption.
We began advocating again,
and praying again as to what God's plans were for us
in the lives of these boys 
and especially Z.


Mike Johnson said...

last night, I was showing Liyone pictures from the care center, and he just started cracking up when he saw the pics of What I Say.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful story. Z is an amazing kid. Amazing that he can effect so many people from all over. Prayers for you and your family.


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