Sunday, November 6, 2011

My heart is in Ethiopia: Part I

This is our story for the last 6 months -
though I wish with all my heart that it
ended in a different way -
infact, I'm not sure how I am going to end this story -
God is still working on that.
I feel that I need to share our story and our
roller coaster ride of adoption.


If anyone had told me 6 months ago about
the emotional roller coaster ride we were about to get on,
I would have laughed in their face! 

So it's a good thing no one told me!

I want to share our entire God story with y'all.
There have been many hills, valleys and bumps 
that we never saw coming,
but thankfully God had us strapped in and 
though sometimes we rode with our hands grasp tightly,
trying to peddle backwards -
He was at the helm 
and we finally threw our arms up 
and decided to enjoy the ride He put us on. 

On April, 24, 2011 we met our beautiful boys for the first time!
We were so happy to finally hold them 
and love on them -
 even if it was for a short one week trip to Ethiopia.

Not only did we meet our boys,
and fall madly in love with them.

We also fell in love with another little boy.
I say "little" boy but he is really 10 yrs old.

We didn't know anything about him,
but that first day at the orphanage -
we fell in love! 
He has a quiet spirit, 
he didn't push and shove,
he waited his turn for us to come to him.
He just has these incredible eyes filled with many, many stories.
We call him "Z".

Early in the week we learned that another adoptive family,
who were also in Ethiopia that week for court
for their two boys but at a different orphanage,
were interested in meeting Z and 
came to visit this special guy,
after they met him
they made calls to our agency to begin paperwork for him

We were excited for all of them! 
Though there was an ache in our hearts for him.

Throughout the week we played with him,
and our boys,
and the other kids at the orphanage.
Getting to know all of them.

At the end of the week we were heartbroken
to have to leave Donovan and Elijah
and this sweet boy too.

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Dardi said...

How I know the roller coaster, & there have been many times that every fiber of my being wanted to scream, "Stop the ride...I want off!" My heart is currently in China. :) One foot in front of the other, right?


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