Wednesday, October 5, 2011

silly momma!

Donovan has been sharing many parts of
his history with us,
and some just crack me up!
Especially when he gives me that,
"silly momma" look!

M: Did the "Abooma" eat your Gambella Daddy's sheep?
(*Abooma - we're not completely sure what this is -
some kind of scary thing -
they play "abooma" and run around chasing each other -
every photo of  a dinosaur is an "abooma",
and when ever they are outside near trees and bushes the boys are nervous
about the "Abooma".)
D: yes.
M: Did the Abooma eat your chicken?

D: no. giggle. giggle!

Chickens are inside my house. 


D: I fish in Africa.

M:  You fished in Africa?

Did you like to fish?

D: Yes!

M:  Did you fish with a stick?

D: Ha! You silly!
I fish with my hands! 

Silly momma !!!


Sharon said...

I love this! Is "abooma" a hyena? Sounds similar to the stories that we've heard from E about hyenas, but they don't look quite like dinosaurs!:)

Sherri said...

Bless his sweet little heart!

Jay said...

I think your house needs some chickens!


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