Friday, October 7, 2011

Fire house fieldtrip

Our boys are inlove with fire trucks!
We were very thankful when we were invited to visit 
one of our firehouses in town.

Donovan and Elijah were sooooooo excited to wear their fire truck shirts!

Wow! Fire trucks up close!

That's a huge water gun!

Elijah LOVED the bell!

Jorja and Donovan loved getting into the fire truck!

and Ohhhhh the fire fighter poll!!!
How cool!!!

and they listened well when the fire fighters talked about 
fire and emergency safety.

we were able to tour the upstairs,
we laughed when the fire fighter said that they have 10 people on each shift 
so they need big tables and a big kitchen!

Jorja looked at me and said,
we need a table like this!
I agree -
that would be cool!

And we even got prizes!

Jailyn was with us too -
but she was a bit nervous about the whole thing -
so she baby sat Miss. Avary 

I was able to get her to sit for a few photos-

(just thinking our Christmas photo might be a little crazy this year)

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

Josie is obsessed with fire safety right now. She was thinking of being of a fire woman for Halloween. I can't wait to see your Christmas card. Bring on the crazy!


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