Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not just a number!

163 million orphans!
The numbers seem staggering,
there is nothing we can do for that many children.

But, each child is not  number.
But each number is a child -
each number has a smile,
each number cries real tears,
each number longs to be held,
longs to be loved.

We have a friend who is in a battle with courts for their son
in Ethiopia.

This sweet child, doesn't understand why his daddy can't just take him from the orphanage,
Daddy and big sissy keep visit every day
why he can't just take him on an airplane now.
(Remember what these sweet kids did when our boys left with us,
they cheered for our boys at the sight of the first airplane overhead.)

When his father came to visit him at the orphanage the other day -
the boy was sitting on the steps of the courtyard.

Daddy asked the Nanny if he was in time out.

She said, "No.
He was sitting on the step telling her he was not going 
to take a nap until his daddy came,
that his daddy was coming soon!"

This sweet boy is not a number! 
He loves his soon to be forever family!

There are 162,999,999 more children
sitting on the steps just waiting for their families to find them -
please pray,
what would God have you do?
What role can you play in the life of an orphan.

Remember these two -

Now look at them! 
Ohhh what a difference love can make!


Kim K. said...

Beautiful post, Jodi. Such beautiful boys.

Catching Butterflies 3 said...

very well said


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